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Junior Awards - Winners!


From everyone here at LCHC, we'd like to thank everyone who has played, coached, volunteered or supported the Junior Academy over the past year. Below, you can find a list of winners from our recent Junior Awards which were held at St Margaret's Pastures. 

A message from the Head of Junior Academy at LCHC, Alice Page: "Thank you to Amo, Isla, Elia, and our volunteer coaches who have stepped in to help throughout the season. Special thanks to Luke and Dan who have led outstanding improvements for our goalkeepers, and A big thank you to Heidi who has helped manage the Academy all season."

Coach’s Player of The Season

Alice: Arya

Heidi: Bea

Amo: Mishka

Most Committed Award - Rose

For always being the first on and last off the pitch.

Team Stylist Award - Avani

Neon pink is essential in this little player’s kit list. A heartwarming personality on the pitch, just 5 and finishing her first season with us.


Coach Sidekick Award - Teigan

Always on hand to offer encouragement and direction to her teammates, both in training and in gameplay.

Best Newcomer - Isaac

Badgers’ Player of the Season - Lucia