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4-4 Thriller In Threes' Penultimate Match Of The Year

- By Tara Kaur Bahra

On Saturday 14th March, Leicester Ladies' Threes had their penultimate match of the season against Market Harborough Firsts.

With an early start the sun was trying to come out and everyone was prepared with their hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes for face masks.

In the first half we maintained most of the possession and turned the ball over consistently and effectively. We had many D penetrations and this resulted in a couple of goals from Annie and Kayleigh. However, we were caught out on their counter attacks which came quickly and scrappily yet a goal was a a goal. Throughout this half we also found ourselves playing hot potato with their goalkeeper who we made look very good. By half-time we were leading 3-2.

During the second half we knew game management and maintaining possession would be key to securing a win. Despite this, we still tried to force play on multiple occasions. Their short corners were effectively played out, making them equalise 3-3. From high work rate from everyone on the team we bounced back playing mostly in their half and earning a short corner where Bella scored from a neat strike from the top of the D. Within the last two minutes Market Harborough were slowly building up play and sealed a draw.
In the end you could see how hard everybody worked, the game was a frustrating one ending as a 4-4 draw in the end, as it was clear to see we were the dominant team. As always we played some beautiful hockey however we couldn’t put the ball away when it mattered most. Regardless we remain unbeaten and as a team we are guaranteed to finish in 2nd place in the league.

Man of the Match – A tie this week between Elena and Annie, great work rate and performance all around

Muppet –  Myself (Tara), for having 100 numbers to choose from and choosing the most embarrassing one during the pre-match talk!

Scorers: Isabella Wilkinson, Annie Sibson, Kayleigh Glover x2

Team: Cas Evans(GK), Tara Bahra, Lauren Clough, Kayleigh Glover, Caitlin Pittham, Sian Powell, Josie Rule, Annie Sibson, Isabella Wilkinson, Charlotte Sloan, Elena Bensi, Chiara Bensi, Lauren Ellis