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Threes Seal 2-0 Win Despite Dennis' Impact

- By Tara Kaur Bahra

On Saturday 15th February, Leicester L3s faced Charnwood Sileby in the Leicestershire Women’s League Premier Division.

Storm Dennis was well under way but we had a talented team of 16 ready to face the tough conditions.

During the first half it was clear to see we were the dominant team, maintaining possession and keeping composure on the ball. We also covered each other when necessary, and marked up players well – shout-out to Karen, who stuck to her marker like glue. Despite this positive play, after many D penetrations and a few well-earned short corners, the ball chose not to cross the line (probably down to the gale-force winds) meaning the game was goalless as the half-time whistle went.

At half time we knew we needed to score some goals to secure three points, and so our focus was to be more aggressive within the D, work the ball around the goalie, and be on the rebounds as fast as lightning to pressurise Sileby as much as possible.

In the second half we were nothing but goal hungry and with some staggered play due to some injuries of the opposition, it allowed us to regroup and focus on scoring. After the ball was played around the D effectively, a goal from Annie finally came as a result of being reactant on the rebounds off the goalie. However, the team knew it was still all to play for and so we needed at least a few more goals to secure our victory. In the few occasions when there was a rapid counter attack from the opposition, we knew there was no need to worry as we were covered by Nicole (GK) who committed to coming off of her line early, intimidating and pressurising the opposition effectively, aiding the defence. In this half our press improved too, as the opposition found it very difficult to find their players from free hits. This positive play resulted in a second goal.

It’s safe to say that everybody worked as hard as they could, resulting in a win and putting us in second place in the division. It’s amazing to see us creating chances in the D and utilising our skills on and off the ball in match play, we just need to work on being clinical in the D, and improving our finishing! I would like to thank Trem and Paul for coaching, as well as Gaynor and Kim for umpiring; especially in the horrible rain and strong winds.

Final Score - Leicester City Hockey Club 3s 2, Charnwood Sileby 0

Scorers: Annie Sibson, Tara Bahra

Team: Nicole Burns (GK), Tara Bahra, Lauren Clough, Karen Dixon, Katie Evans Puttick Kayleigh Glover, Caitlin Pittham, Sian Powell, Masie Robinson, Sarah Robinson, Josie Rule, Annie Sibson, Ellie Summers, Isabella Wilkinson, Elsbeth Woodgate

Man of the Match – Karen Dixon for sacrificing her game by marking the threat of Helen Jelly completely out of the game, as well as aiding play

Muppet – There was no clear muppet this week, but Sarah Robinson was mentioned for running into a fence, storm Dennis got a shoutout, as well as Caitlin for getting away with her shocking injection