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Threes In Seventh Heaven

The Threes arrived at a chilly Loughborough pitch ready to get back out and competing after the seemingly endless Christmas break.

After a (again, seemingly endless) team talk from Paul, and an intense warm up, Leicester started strongly and were ahead within a couple of minutes through a Lauren Ellis tap in after some smooth passing around the team. Leicester maintained pressure for the first 20 minutes, earning another two goals through a short corner strike from Casey Humphries and goalmouth scramble for Chiara.
As the half-time whistle blew, City were awarded another corner. Coach Paul dictated that Elise should have the first strike, which was skilfully placed on a defenders’ foot, earning another short. This time a wayward injection led to the ball falling beautifully for a strike from Annie Sibson - unfortunately this wasn’t to be, and a beautiful air hit alongside an untouched ball at the top of the D meant an easy clearance for the defenders, and a full team nomination for DOD.
A positive chat, and a few minutes spent knocking around a ball to try and prevent from becoming snowmen, and the team were ready to go again. Another increase in intensity led to a strong presence in the Town D for the first 10 minutes, and some incredible passing through the entire team led to multiple scoring opportunities. A carving run from Lauren Ellis and a selfless pass led to a second goal for Ciara, and another opening of the floodgates for more goals from Casey and Bella.
Towards the closing stages of the game, another breakaway by City led to a three man overlap. This time Lauren didn’t share – and rightfully so, as an unstoppable reverse strike found the bottom left-hand corner to take the score to 7-0.
A good result for the team, and most importantly, some excellent post-match teas. Success all round.
Final Score: Leicester City 3s 7-0 Loughborough Town 3s

Line-Up: Cas, Sarah M, Sarah R, Casey, Katie, Annie, Jodie, Bella, Sian, Nicola, Lauren, Caitlin, Sophie,

MOTM: Sophie (new position?!)

DOTD: Annie for that air shot