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First Defeat Since Last February For Men's Firsts

The short journey up the A6 for a top-of-the-table clash against league-leaders Loughborough Carillon saw City Men’s Firsts suffer their first defeat competitive defeat since last February.

A blustery blur of a match and memory loss induced by over-indulging at Christmas has reduced this week’s match report to a quick summary:


•         Karl scoring against a hitherto impregnable Carillon back-line
•         Harry keeping the goals conceded in single figures
•         Lots of effort from everyone in white
•         Capt. Dec's shiny new whiteboard
•         Post-match chilli and nachos


•         Catrina cheering enthusiastically for a goal....that wasn’t a goal!
•         Tim’s green card
•         Spencer’s yellow card
•         Conceding eight goals

MOTM – Karl for scoring the only goal that Carillon have conceded so far this season.

DOTD – Spencer for picking up a yellow card.

Team - Harry (GK), Boyce, Luke, Ross, Henry, Spencer, Nic, Karl, Tim, Jacob D,  Jamie, David M, David H, Declan