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Thirds Hold Top Of The League

It's raining. It's pouring. We are all really quite tired. It's 9am we should all be watching the rugby and chuff its cold and wet.

Despite the wind and rain Leicester were prepared for the usual competitive exchange with the Loughborough sides, this time Loughborough Town 2s. The 3s started the game damp and a little desperate. Defensively, it was a little panicky at times but it was controlled and managed panic. Our midfield marshalled everything, supported each other and controlled the ball. Our forwards hassled in defence, stretched the game and all deserved more value from their efforts.

Town challenged the defensive unit more than any opposition so far this season and Rhiannon was forced into action a few times to keep her warm.

Midway through the first half a goal was scored, Coach Paul busy gassing with parents missed it. Nicola took the ball on a marauding run to the right hand of the D, flicking the ball over the logged goalkeeper from a narrow right hand angle to the delight of the Leicester contingent. Paul promised to follow the game more intently...

Casey had a go at ruffling up the Loughborough forwards firing a few 16s down the pitch at head height. Loughborough however kept a tight press and Leicester worked hard to work the ball up the pitch in 3s and 4s linking up well through all areas of the pitch.

Chances came and went and a few penalty corner opportunities but no more goals in the first half.

Leicester continued the second half much the same as the first finished, lots of pressure and some decent chances well dealt with by Loughborough.

Midway through the second half, Paul again busy gassing with parents, Roshni struck the ball from the same angle as the first goal into roof of the net - a really nice finish to settle Leicester nerves and take the game to 2-0.

Annie, Karen, Jodie, Elise and Sophie all worked their socks off in midfield creating some fantastic forward pressure and jumping back fast to support the defensive unit when Loughborough turned the ball over.

Charlotte, Casey and Elsbeth worked hard rotating through centre-back to marshal the troops and prevent more Loughborough chances. Sarah and Katie marked well and supported forward pressure at left and right-back. A tireless work ethic from Kayleigh, Lauren, Nicola and Roshni up front helped Leicester keep the Loughborough players on the back foot and create great attacking opportunities.

Late on in the second half, Lauren grew a golf ball on the back of her hand courtesy of a ball cracking into her - payback for Casey's efforts in the first half. Sophie, strained a muscle that saw her out of the rest of the game but the squad continued with the same intensity and control. 2-0 possibly didn't reflect the dominance shown.

A really pleasing performance that the 3s have been working towards all season (perhaps even the last couple of seasons). Patient, precise and managing possession throughout the game.

Well done to Roshni for being awarded the opposition player of the match, and Elise the Leicester Player of the Match and Roshni Muppet of the Match both for a second week running!

Leicester now sit top of the table on goal difference, their next league game is on 9th November at home against 2nd place Loughborough Students 5s.

Squad: Rhiannon Izard (GK), Casey Humphreys, Sarah Robinson, Elsbeth Woodgate, Charlotte Sloan, Katie Evans-Puttick, Annie Sibson, Roshni Francis, Jodie Masser, Nicola Davies, Kayleigh Glover, Sophie Levy, Lauren Clough and Elise Atkinson