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Twos' Clash With Warwick Ends Even

After a challenging start to the season, the 2s journeyed to Warwick feeling determined and ready. It was a well battled and close match with both teams having opportunities to steal the win. If it hadn’t been for player of the match, goalkeeper Emma Taylor, and her incredible saves left, right and centre, it could have been a different story.

Leicester took a very early lead with a goal in the first five minutes from a lovely transfer between Gemma and Anna round the back followed by a ball down the line from Megan for Sandy to pick up and cross into the D where Sarah Smart clinically deflected the ball beautifully into the back of the opposition’s net.

Further into the half, with the rain hammering down, Olton and West Warwick 2s secured their first goal through a second phase goal. They then took the lead at 2-1 after breaking and outnumbering the Leicester defence. Leicester however, remained focused and determined to battle this out secure another goal. We had a debut performance from Taegan O’Hara who applied pressure early on with her rapid pace. Control around the back and some lovely triangle play in midfield secured a few strong chances for Leicester but we were unable to capitalise. This connected play and patience continued with fantastic leads and passages of play from midfielders Harriet, Alice, Margot and Etta.

In the second half, Leicester’s second goal finally came from a defensive short corner being cleared out wide by Carys for Kitty and Sarah to pick up and work up the pitch for Smarty to once again deflect in. Both teams then fought to retain ball possession in a hope to steal a last minute winning goal. However, the final whistle went at 2-2 after a wet and well fought game.

It was a tense game for supporters with lots of action, drama and great hockey being played.

And for the first time in quite a while, the average age of the team was above 18 and we had experience on our side!

Thanks to Carol for stepping in whilst Paul was off in Spain sunning himself. Your fantastic coaching and direction helped keep the team level headed, focused and hungry for those much needed points!