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3s Storm To 16-0 Win

- by Annie Wiffen

I’m not sure at what point Paul began to regret his request for an update whenever anything exciting happened…but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t make the same mistake again, after a massive 16-0 win for the 3s!
Leicester dominated from the first whistle, with calm and composed play, and a strong squad of players who were willing to work hard for a result. Continued pressure led to goals from Lauren Clough, Kayleigh Glover, Sophie Levy and Bella Wilkinson, and a cushion of 7 goals by half-time. Despite this, the team recognised that there were weaknesses and that the standard had dropped in the later stages of the first half.
A short team talk led to a renewed determination, and again an early flurry of goals from Tara Bahra, Lauren and Bella. Towards the end of the game, and never to be outdone, Casey Humphreys stepped up for a short corner before Kayleigh again stamped her mark (on both the goal and the opposition defender’s teeth).
Overall, a brilliant result for a team who will be looking to push for a place in the Midlands Leagues next season.
Squad: Cas Evans, Katie Evans-Puttick, Casey Humphreys, Charlotte Sloan, Elsbeth Woodgate, Bella Wilkinson, Sian Powell, Amy Latimer, Sophie Levy, Jodie Masser, Kayleigh Glover, Caitlin Pittham, Lauren Clough, Tara Bahra, Annie Sibson