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Club Honours

Olivia Back England U18

LHC @ London 2012

All the players named below have been selected for representative honours whilst playing for Leicester Hockey Club 



International Honours





Single System

Olivia Back   England U16          
Di Batterham   England     Abi Archer   JAC 
Lucy Beavon   GB U21, Eng U21          
Jenny Bimson   Great Britain, England      Darcey Arrowsmith    JAC 
Caroline Birt   South Africa      Hatty Barnes   Futures Cup
Sarah Blanks   Great Britain, England      Molly Brealey   Futures Cup
Kirsty Bowden   England, GB      Bea Bridge   HiPac
Lucy Brown   England U21, U18     Jenna Broughton-Lloyd GK    JRPC T1comp
Aileen Bullivant   England       Tara Broughton-Lloyd                  Futures Cup
Lucy Cope   Great Britain, England      Phoebe Burrows    JRPC

Crista Cullen

  Great Britain, England      Katie Cooil   



        Bethan Clargo   JRPC T1comp

Gemma Darrington                

         GB, Eng, Eng Indoor     Charlotte Crombie      JRPC T1comp


        Hannah Cuflin   JRPC


        Lydia Curley   JRPC T1comp
Lucy Dawkins   England U18, U21     Molly Edwards   JRPC T1comp
Parys Edwards   South Africa     Bethan Fossey    JRPC 
          Mima Furber   JRPC
Lilly Elliot   England U18, U16     Rosie Gladdle    HiPAC
Hannah Fair   England Indoor, England U21      Eleanor Godwin    JRPC T1comp
          Sophie Hammerschmidt   JRPC T1comp
Kim Gordon   England     Georgina Hampson    JRPC T1comp
          Abi Hart   JRPC
          Ellie-Mae Healey   Futures Cup
Katharine Gurr   England      Charlotte Hickman    JRPC
Abi Harper   England, England Indoor     Jessica Honarmond    HiPAC, Futures Cup
          Lizzie Honarmond   HiPAC, Futures Cup
Georgia Harrison   England U16     Georgia Hubbard    JRPC
Julie Hartshorn   England Indoor      Ellie Hunt    JRPC
Vanessa Hawkins   Wales, England Juniors      Emily Jefferson    JAC 
Rebecca Herbert   GB, England, Eng Indoor                   Sophie Jefferson    JAC 
Jessica Hickman   England U18, U16      Tara Johnson    JRPC
Maddie Hinch GK   GB, England, England Indoor      Tilly Johnson    JAC 
          Ellie Lynham   JAC
Sue Holwell   GB, England       Maeve Macdonald    Futures Cup
Jessica Hughes   England U18, Wales U16     Oonagh MacDonald    JAC 
Jo Hunter   England      Lydia MacDonell    Eng 18s Trials, F Cup 
Lesley Hurley   GB, England      Jennifer Maddison    JAC
Josie Inverdale   GB Juniors, England      Molly Maddison    JRPC
Caitlin Jefferies   England U18, U21     Caitlin McMillan    JAC 
Helen Jelley   Wales U21     Emma Milner    JRPC
Kath Johnson   Great Britain, England      Holly Mould    JRPC
Julia Karwatzky   Germany     Jessica Newcombe    JAC 
Emily Kilner   England U16     Liv Peacock    JRPC
Katie Long   GB, England, England Indoor           Rebecca Redmile    Futures Cup
          Martha Rendle   JRPC
          Lucy Ring   JRPC
Hannah MacLeod   GB, England, England Indoor     Rachel Scott    JRPC
Rachael Mack   Scotland, Scotland Indoor          
Purdy Miller   GB, England          
Pascale Massey   England U18, U16     Evie Seal    JAC 
Gill Moss   GB, England      Millie Simpson    JAC 
Joanne Mould   GB, England      Sophie Skelton    Futures Cup
Gaynor Nash  

Wales Vets, Wales

    Kate Smart    JAC 
Mary Nevill   GB, England      Sarah Spooner   Futures Cup
Anne Panter   GB, England      Eleanor Summers    JRPC
Denise Parker   England Indoor     Emma Taylor    JAC 
Liz Perry   New Zealand     Alice Thompson    JRPC
Margaret Rees   Wales     Lucy Thompson    JAC 
Helen Richardson   GB, England      Sarah Turner    JRPC
Chloe Rogers  

GB, England, Eng Indoor

    Elizabeth Tutt    JAC 
Emma Ross   Ireland, Ulster     Francesca Wilson    HiPAC
Caroline Rule   GB, England      Megan Lowe GK   JRPC
Kate Sharland   GB U21          
Xanthe Travlos   England U21, U18          
Lauren Turner   GB Juniors, England           
Laura Unsworth   GB, England           
Nicola White   GB, England           
Kerry Williams   GB, England, Eng Indoor          
Helen Woodward  




Justine Williams  


Phoebe Willars  

GB U23, England U21

Sam Wright  

England, England Indoor


If during our history checks we have missed anyone or there are inconsistencies in our information please do get in touch with us to rectify.