This week Leicester travelled to Surbiton, last years league winners. With the knowledge that games against Surbiton brings out some of Leicester's best hockey and in last years season, Leicester ended Surbiton's long unbeaten run, the girls were feeling up to the challenge.
Missing a few key players including Great Briton's Kathryn Lane and Leicester legend Katie Long, this provided the opportunity for a few of the younger players to pull the shirt on.
In front of a home crowd, Surbiton put the pressure on winning a couple of early penalty corners, however the Leicester defence stood firm and managed to keep the ball out of the net. Leicester's turn came, as they produced a good fifteen minute spell working the ball often into the oppositions circle however creating very little towards goal.
Ten minutes into the second half, Surbiton raised their level and were rewarded by an goal which unfortunately brought an end to the moment Leicester had in the first half. Unable to create anything going forward the Leicester defence kept hopes alive with some at times dogged defending.
Although the game was lost, Leicester still produced a good team performance and should take a lot of confidence going forwards.


Leicester 2- 3 Beeston 2s


Another Saturday and another comfortable win for the 3s. The result was walk in the park, 6 goals and a number of additional chances. Some really good moments, a lot of huff and puff and if we can increase the quality and decision making throughout the game, no side in this league will want to play us. Defensively we were very solid, in midfield I can see some real efforts to be positive and the attacking players are working really hard, even though the rewards may be missing for all.
An early goal from Annie set us on our way, shortly followed by Ellie, two from Maisie, one from Tilly and another from Annie. The result was never in question and I may have missed stressing the positives after the game. We did play some nice hockey, we continue to be positive around the pitch, we are creating a lot of chances and we are scoring goals. The rest of the season will only see improvements as we continue to work hard to develop our passing, our movement and our ability to stretch the opposition across the whole pitch.
By and large, a fantastic win and some very positive comments from those watching from the side-lines. I am really excited about the possibilities this season.
Best of luck to Annie next week. I think, though I cannot be certain, we all hope the wedding goes well.


The first 15 minutes was utter ‘dross’, according to my father. Players were running into contact and not playing ‘the hockey’ we have all come to expect. However, once Claire managed to stop falling over and Margo recovered from headering the ball during the warm up, tippy tappy hockey started to be played and the chances came rolling in. A highly competitive match where young and old gave it their all and played some excellent hockey – it was a great match to be involved in.
From a 3s perspective it’s about time you started losing!!
The first goal was a good one! Claire tried her best to steal it (diving 20 metres towards the goal line) but missed out as Elise’s ball hit the sideboard. A few moments later Cas let in a goal, and things took a slight turn…
Missed chance 1: Yes, it went straight through my legs. I heard dad laughing even from the other end of the pitch. Let’s say no more about it.
Missed chance 2: Chiara this time missed a golden opportunity, and apparently David on the side line began to get a little upset, picking a fight with the umpire. Nice work!
Shortly afterwards, tapping it over the line, I scored my first league goal, making up for the earlier miss and shutting dad up for at least a little while.
After half time, everyone starting scoring and the novelty of being one of only two goalscorers wore off just a little.
Claire scored twice, one of which involved clambering over the goalkeeper, and then Caitlin swept one into the bottom corner. The defence had little chance to show their skills but, as David likes to say, “the best form of defence is attack” and this really showed in the second half. Having run constantly for a full ¾ of the match, Chiara deserved to add her name to the scoresheet. Elise scored a second goal, and a short corner from me took the total to Leicester 8, Charnby 1!


Although they didnt play this week, the 5ths take 3 points in the league as the opposition were unable to fulfil the fixture