The first weekend of league action sees an array of results for Leicester


Leicester 0- 2 Clifton Robsinsons
Leicester ladies travelled down to Bristol this weekend to kick off the start of the season against Clifton Robinsons.
The first half was a cagey affair with both teams creating chances in front of goal but neither being able to take the lead going into halftime.

Clifton took an early lead in the second half with a well taken penalty corner routine. The Leicester girls stepped up the press and took more risks going resulting in a few close chances however couldn’t find the back of the net. With Leicester pushing players forwards seeking a crucial equaliser an Clifton break resulted in another goal which put the game out of reach.
Not the fairy tale start for Leicester’s 2017/18 campaign however a lot learnt.
Next Saturday, Leicester play East Grinstead at home 13:00, hoping to gain their first points of the season.


Leicester 3-3 Harbourne 1s


Leicester 3-0 Half Century
Game one, game on….. An early drive to fetch white shirts, a posh coffee on the way home, for a change I didn’t drive to Soar Valley Leisure Centre and my daughter had her kit ready 5 mins before we had to leave. The day could not have started better.
For those that remember the good fortune of last season, much was attributed to the gilet. It was back on and all 12 players arrived without difficulties. With a potential squad much depleted by school games and a sore throat (aka tonsillitis), 12 would have to be enough. A new formation, a different style of hockey and I managed to only put 11 on the pitch. We are all learning it seems
The first 20 minutes surprised Lauren, baby and myself. To be honest the baby showed a distinct lack of interest. We played some lovely hockey instigated by Nat, Karen and Hepz who distributed the ball as everyone made efforts to move into space, receive it on the move and put pressure on the Half Century defence. A couple of chances went begging but the 3s kept pressing. It really was one-way traffic. Elsbeth and Ellie were particularly effective in getting forward up the pitch.
The breakthrough finally came when Rachel claimed to get a little nick on a shot from the edge of the circle and put the ball between the keeper's legs. She claimed it was a fairly hefty nick, I don’t think I need to suggest anything more. Nothing less than we deserved. A second swiftly followed from Anna Chapman, she briefly smiled before realising people may notice. However, it was clear we were getting tired. Defensively Gemma, Emily and Casey continued to manage things well but half time was very much required.
Half time was a relaxed affair; a brief chat, the introduction of a new fines system for repeated hockey offences and general bullying on my part.
The second half followed a similar pattern to the first. Some really good pass and move hockey, followed by players getting tired and increasingly vacant. However, not before two moments of controversy. Firstly, an interesting decision and a little petulant stick flick, saw Karen throw every one of her toys out of the pram. A brief chat with the umpire, stick slung over her shoulder like one of Snow White’s dwarves, saw her depart the pitch for a couple of minutes. Towards the end of the half, a suggestive prod from Elsbeth, and Emma was dispatched up front. Emma made her foray count with a first touch shot on goal that would make Alex Danson proud as it whistled into the net, whoops and cheers followed and the Thirds energised by a great goal saw out the game 3-0.
Thanks to Emma Taylor who successfully did very little in goal but whose presence is so positive in keeping the organisation in place.
A fantastic effort and a performance that, I will be honest, surprised and delighted me. Well played.
Next week the Third Team play Charnby at home 11:30 pushback at home.



Leicester 1-0 Melton
The 4ths league season began well with a 1-0 win over Melton. A purposeful warm up followed by inspiring team talk by Captain Anna Godwin resulted in high tempo start to the game. The girls showed they really do listen to the words of wisdom from coach Dave as they played the ball around the bewildered Melton players, 'what a team that doesn't play hit and hope hockey?'.
In the first 5 minutes the team's determination to play 'good hockey' resulted in the the first chance on goal, Jane's pass out from defence found Anna G who released a lovely pass to Libby who took it wide and sent a ball into the D begging to be smashed into the roof of the net, the speed of attack? D phobia? meant the ball remained begging


Leicester 0-3 Ashby 2s